Synthos Offers a New Service!!! Websites!

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Synthos offers a New Service!

In order to
provide our customers with more options for sharing information, growing their
businesses, and plugging into Social Media, Synthos, LLC is now offering a new
service:  Website Design, Development,
and Marketing Services. 


We offer the highest quality, state of the art Website design and hosting
services.  Our developers stay abreast of
the latest styles, production techniques, and proven Website and Social Marketing

From simple websites to full featured E-Commerce, social
media, Hyper-blogging, and interactive sites, we can do it all.  Once the design is complete and the site is
built, YOU can take control of your site; editing, modifying, and updating as
you please.  Of course, we can also do
that for you for a very minimal fee. 
(Basic Content updates are always free).

Full Featured Websites
Our sites include top level graphics, video, photos, dynamic interfaces, and
are easy to read and pleasant to look at. 
Forms, maps, blog functions, customer feedback, and even Smart Phone
Apps are available.
You can also track traffic to your site, view statistics, and provide links to
your social media accounts.
Restaurants can set up Menus, on-line ordering, and delivery options without 3rd
party fees.

Security:  Backup, Upgrades, and 24/7 security

We host sites on state of the art servers, with multiple backups, automatic
firmware and software updates, and robust internet security protocols to
protect you site, business records, and personal information.  We offer a Highly Recommended package offering
extra security to eliminate additional costs in the case of catastrophe, such
as large scale international hacking attempts. 
All our websites include: (No extra charge).
Full Service Hosting.
Daily malware & spam scans
Highly Secured Data Center
***Exclusive Platform Updates to
Your Website
(Every time Adobe or whatever platform you are on upgrades their platform, we
update your site. All platform updates available upon request)
Basic Content Updates to
Your Website

Setup to 15 gigs of free cloud
 for easy data backup.

Our Prices Can’t be

Despite all the services we offer, our prices simply cannot be matched by any
professional company in the market. 
Whether you need a simple informational site, E-Commerce, SEO optimization,
professional Hi-Definition video, blogging, a killer restaurant website, and/or
help with Social Media marketing, we are your most cost-efficient choice.  NO CONTRACTS: 
You can quit any time with no fee.

Super-fast response:
Contact us through our website and use our Contact Form:

Call us:  206-406-5246.

We respond quickly, usually the same day.  Based in Seattle, WA, we can come to you for
your convenience in the Greater Puget Sound Area.  We also do business nationwide.  Call us for the best service, best prices,
and peace of mind.

We look forward to serving you!
Best Regards,
-Tom Simon, President.

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