Synthos Partner Profile: Caird-Sextant

By Synthos | January 21, 2020

From the Poles to the Tropics – and Everywhere in Between At Synthos, our business relies to a significant degree on partnerships with other companies which have similar or complimentary expertise and/or interests to our own. Our President, Tom Simon, set this as a priority since the first day he formed Synthos.  As a smaller […]

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Happy New Year From Synthos, LLC!!!

By Synthos | January 4, 2020

As the 2020’s dawn, we at Synthos look forward to more exciting developments in the use of GIS and related technologies, as location and data based analysis become more important and affect all our lives. We have some new developments coming up the first part of the New Year: First, we are rolling out our […]

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Tribute to Steve Pool, and Mentoring.

By Synthos | November 25, 2019

Today I am re-posting a blog honoring much beloved Seattle TV personality and respected weather forecaster Steve Pool. The blog is written by Professor Cliff Mass. Dr. Mass was Steve’s weather mentor and teacher, and is a well know Atmospheric Science professor and researcher at the University of Washington.As a Geographer, weather is a big […]

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Special Purpose Districts: Volume 1.

By Synthos | November 20, 2019

Special Purpose Districts (or SPDs) are unique geographic areas used, among other uses, to provide a means for taxes to be levied on certain commercial activities to support identified public needs.  These tap into large financial transactions (or a great many small ones) to provide funding otherwise not available to worthy functions needing funding through […]

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The GIS Project Life Cycle

By Synthos | November 7, 2019

GIS projects are often complex animals, involving varied sources of data, project needs and requirements, tools, reports, people, perspectives, and budgets.  They typically involve several components, and a group of people possessing diverse skills and specialties which must work together to produce a desired result. In this technical field it is common for management and […]

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“Sometimes it’s the little things” >> The Duct Tape Solution.

By Synthos | September 10, 2019

As Geo-Spatial professionals, many of us relish the opportunity to make use of high-tech, sophisticated equipment, powerful software, and complicated algorithms and models.  Why?  Because they allow us to collect, process, and understand a wide variety of data, in great quantity and accuracy, and learn important things to support our missions.  But let’s face it:  […]

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