You Too Can Map Hurricanes! (and other weather events).

By Synthos | September 5, 2019

Well, it’s Hurricane Season, and as usual, all eyes are on the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico, and the southeastern coast of the US.  This week it is Hurricane Dorian, a large powerful storm that is providing some frustration to professional and amateur storm predictors and mappers delight, as well as a great deal of damage […]

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Hurricane Dorian: Still a flood risk, no matter where it goes.

By Synthos | September 2, 2019

Leading up to this Labor Day holiday weekend, there has been much discussion and concern over the location of landfall of Hurricane Dorian.  Early models had predicted it might slam into the east coast of Florida, causing severe damage from high winds and flooding of various forms.  The most recent NOAA National Hurricane Center prediction […]

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Darkness to Sunlight

By Synthos | August 21, 2019

Check out this recent website developed by Synthos, through it’s Website service: Darkness to Sunlight is a fantastic autobiography by NBA great Zaid Abdul-Aziz (formerly Don Smith). : It takes the reader through the Author’s life, from the early days on the streets of Brooklyn, through an All-American basketball career at Iowa State and […]

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Flooding in the US Midwest.

By Synthos | June 6, 2019

June 2019 Midwest Flooding: The news these days is “Flooded” (pardon the bad pun) with news of severe weather and massive flooding in America’s Midwest region.  Millions of acres are flooded, and millions of people in danger of injury, property loss, and even death due to severe storms, extreme rains, and flooding events. The […]

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The Magic of Airline Route Maps.

By Synthos | May 28, 2019

I grew up as an airline kid. My dad was a pilot for over 50 years, 29 of those as a pilot with United Airlines. As a result, we got to travel perhaps a bit more than some of my school friends. In any case, being an airline kid instilled both an interest in the […]

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Tornado Outbreak! GIS and the Weather Service on Center Stage!

By Synthos | May 22, 2019

As a Geographer, GIS guru, and Weather nerd, I’m often asked: “Why do we need more maps? Haven’t all the maps been made by now?” With all the mapping tools available to us on a daily basis now (SmartPhone apps, Google Maps, etc.) it can seem at times that mapping is as easy as plotting […]

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