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Introducing Synthos, LLC: Geospatial Solutions with a Personal Touch.

Synthos, LLC was started by President Tom Simon, M.S., and Zita Simon, Managing Partner, in 2012.  We are based in Seattle, Washington, but provide services across the United States and Canada, and are expanding our reach World Wide.  We are now doing a Social Media campaign.

Who we are:
We are a Geospatial Services Company that brings a variety of tools to our clients’ business challenges. We realize that the tools provided by Geographic Information Systems (GIS), GPS, and related technologies, combined with experience and insight, can be applied to a wide variety of industries, organizational missions, and creative endeavors.  We are innovative, flexible, client centered, and believe in a partnership approach to working with clients.

Comprehensive Scope:
Synthos provides the full life cycle of service for Mapping, GIS, Analysis, and Final product and Report production for projects.  From Project Planning, Needs Analysis, data collection, verification, and integration; to analysis, map production, and multi-format products, we cover the entire process required to complete a successful and usable Geospatial project.

As a small firm, we can offer flexibility and rapid response that many
larger companies cannot.  One way we
maintain a variety of high quality services while being flexible is through
partnerships. We have Strategic Partnerships with a variety of large and small
companies who offer specialized products and services on an as needed
basis.  Synthos’ broad experience and
comprehensive knowledge of the GIS world allows us to select the best partners
possible, thus offering specialized contracts to our customers. You deal with
only us, and we bring together the specialists and unique subject matter
experts to meet your specific needs.

A sampling of our partners:
-A content developer and Ph.D. Historian to help with research, document
management, archiving, and government required administrative record
-Coastal Risk experts who deal with flood risk and property protection and
disaster mitigation.
-A Ph.D. Computer Scientist providing system development, programming, and
training options.
-A Marine Science Ph.D. led small company with extensive experience in US Navy
and other applications of a variety of technologies in the environmental,
military, and safety fields.
-Experts in Cemetery mapping and web applications.
-Internet and web marketing company using state of the art web technology.
-Ph.D. Physicists providing expertise in Interactive mapping and complex
statistical analysis.

Why Hire Synthos?
-We are experienced
(20+ years), honest, and responsive.
-We provide full project life cycle services.
-You can count on us and our partners to create custom, cost effective
solutions tailored to your specific needs.
-We provide professional Quality Assurance (QA) reviews on every job.
-You will always have access to our President, Tom Simon, throughout your

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